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Qualtiy Management

For over thirty years, we believe ‘quality is life’ and has established a strict quality management system.

In August, 1995, we obtained ISO9001 (1994) certification

In 2003, we obtained ISO9001 (2000) certification

In November, 2005, we obtained ISO14001 certification

In April, 2006, we obtained ISO/TS16949 certification

In July, 2015, we obtained ESD certification.



Quality policy

Provide sound quality and deliver goods on time;

To satisfy requirements of customers with continuous improvement


EHS policy

To observe laws and regulations and to prevent and control pollution;

To try to reduce emission and conserve and make full use of resources;

To improve environmental protection awareness and continuously improve the environment;


Measures adopted:

It will make transparent its quality policy and improve employees’ awareness on quality via training and education;

By implementing ‘5S’ management, it will make office and production spot tidy and orderly and employees well-trained;

It will make sure that the ISO9001 quality guarantee system cover all rounds affecting qualities of products and services before incorporating them to regulated and procedural management and control;

Under the premise that quality is guaranteed, it will reduce production costs including reduction of costs of raw materials and improvement of production and managerial efficiency;

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